Interior Design

Design Meets Function

Plan spaces, integrate systems and equipment; improve your environment.

RGB interior design focuses on providing solutions that will support building users. Space planning, programming, furniture fixtures and equipment selection, and materials and finishes schedules, have been shown to affect important metrics. Productivity, lease and resale values, sense of well being—these are all results of a well conceived and executed interior design vision.


Building space programming assigns square footage needs to all of the functional uses of your organization. The program needs identified is a basic document that helps inform the design process. As the design process begins, program data may be used to develop block diagrams or conceptual floor plans.

RGB generates program space needs through benchmarks of square footages per user or per group for planning purposes. Given an existing space, RGB can use Room Data Sheets to document these. These are surveys that document not only square footage levels in use, but also equipment and furniture in use. By documenting this process, you and our team gain a clear understanding of how much space is required by each functional area or department.

Space Planning

Space planning takes into account your current operations and future needs. The team reacts to personnel and organizational challenges through solutions that maximize the utility of spaces available.

The team considers square footage needs and benchmarks these against your experience as well as current industry standards. Meanwhile, efficiencies are sought through potential for multi-use spaces, and identifying unneeded corridor and support spaces. The team analyzes adjacencies, that is which spaces work well close together, and those requiring physical separation, visual separation, or sound separation.

Furniture, Furnishings, and Equipment

Furniture, fixtures, and equipment selection is critical to your project’s success. In some projects, this area of expenditure is a significant percentage of the sum total. Cost implications aside, these items are not just finishing touches, but rather an interface through which end users interact closely with the building.

For this reason, the RGB team seeks ergonomic solutions that provide comfort and durability. The building function is closely tied to furniture, fixtures, and equipment selected and should be appropriate to the end uses. We have experience specifying for offices, schools, universities, laboratories, departments of public works, and many other building usage profiles.


Interior Material Selections

We provide a very careful selection of colors, materials and finishes to appropriately convey the design concept, and to meet functional, maintenance, life-cycle performance, environmental, and safety requirements.

By integrating environmentally sustainable materials into our building projects, we believe in our contribution to reducing the environmental impacts through less energy consumption, less natural resource depletion and pollution, plus less toxicity for both the occupants and the entire ecosystem maximizing positive impacts over the life-cycle of our projects.

Construction Administration

RGB Construction Administration services include developing and monitoring schedules and construction costs; ensuring construction is completed in conformance with contracts and design intent; liaison
with contractors and consultants throughout the course of construction; reviewing shop drawings and submissions from the contractor; observing and commenting on construction progress; monitoring move-in and furniture installation; and conducting required post-occupancy evaluations.

Construction Documentation

We provide detailed working drawings that define the work to be constructed. Depending on the scope of work of the project, this may include partition plans, power and communications plans, reflected ceiling plans, material and finishes plans, and furniture layout plans, as well as elevations, sections and details, along with the drawings of associated consultants.

Tenant Fit-Out Floor Plans

Tenants usually have requests outside of the standard building offering. RGB has extensive experience to personalize these requirements often influenced by industry type, specific business need or company standards. We help our clients with unique requests during early stages of the project to minimize the impact to core and shell construction and maximize the ability to achieve fit-out objectives.

Accessibility Design

Building users rely on architectural and interior design to provide welcoming, usable spaces. Code and regulations also exist to guide designers and building owners through a set of minimum standards regarding access and usability to people with a range of physical abilities.

RGB analyzes legacy buildings to document gaps against current code. The team can advise you on your responsibilities and potential solutions to ensure that your building reflects a commitment to access as well as meeting applicable regulations. It is typical that older facilities do not have accessible bathrooms,elevators, or ramps and entrances. We work with clients to renovate and upgrade to meet these needs.

Beyond accessibility, RGB has worked with clients to design for specific user groups. Users with limited sight, for example, may benefit from interior design that differentiates each building corridor from the others, easing recognition and wayfinding. Signage too can support this function with visibility concerns met and braille usage included. For the hearing impaired, acoustical design and materials may be used in meeting spaces to reduce the impact of this impairment, as well as design that considers use of all senses, such as ensuring line of sight to presentation boards or screens.

Move Management

Move management services may include interior design, tenant fitout design, furniture and finishes selection, and construction management. This group of services allows you to focus more clearly on your organization’s operations with a single point of contact to manage the move.

You benefit from this single point of contact which leverages a more integrated service model. RGB can provide floor plans for your new space inclusive of furniture, lighting, and other details that will make the new space usable from day one.

RGB can act as construction manager for this process as well, ensuring that contractors implement the interior design as intended.