March 9, 2022

RGB Architect David DeQuattro Speaks on Inflation, Material Delays, Labor Issues

Pros face a trifecta of pricing woes

When Providence, Rhode Island, architect David DeQuattro bids on a new office building project, he’s rolling the dice. But it’s a crapshoot in any city. Odds are steep that no bid will hold up in the face of 40-year inflation peaks, labor shortages exacerbated by COVID-19 and retiring workers and delivery delays of up to two years. Every bid is a bet against a “three-headed inflationary dragon,” said DeQuattro, owner of RGB Architects Corp., which has been in business 76 years.

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About RGB Architects

RGB Architects is a Providence, Rhode Island based firm founded in 1946. RGB is a diversified architecture, project management, and interior design firm providing creative architecture solutions serving a wide range of clients—where ideas meet skills.

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