Veterans Affairs Medical Center – Providence New MRI Suites Expansion


Veterans Affairs Medical Center – Providence New MRI Suites Expansion

RGB is providing A/E professional services for the renovation and expansion of the new MRI suite at Providence VA Medical Center in Providence, RI. The project consists of a three-story building addition along with a smaller third-story to connect to the existing DIS reception area at the Building 1B Wing at 830 Chalkstone Avenue.
The new building addition will provide approximately 17,100 BGSF, and approximately 1,400 SF of renovated space as well as 11,000 SF of DIS space and 2,400 SF of adjacent special clinic space.
The ground level addition will house 1.5 T/3 T MRI suites with shared reception, small waiting area, changing rooms, restrooms, patient prep room, equipment room and connectivity to the B-1 basement elevator lobby. The first floor will provide offices for radiology staff, conference room, restrooms and access to B-1 first floor. The third floor will connect to the existing DIS waiting/reception space, however, this area will be renovated to provide a more open and accessible waiting area with better access and visibility to and through the space.
Other features include relocation of the existing retention pond and utilities along with landscape and hardscape around the new building addition to provide adequate walkways, patio area for outside seating and direct access in and out of the current canteen.
All mechanical equipment for the addition will be housed within a penthouse enclosure.


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