Rhode Island College Study for a New Student Union


Rhode Island College Study for a New Student Union

In 2011, RGB and ForeSite Planners of New York City partnered in this study which led to the recommendation of an expansion and renovation to the current student union facility estimated at $35 million. The study benchmarked against student union size, operating and fee structures, and impacts at comparable institutions in the region, garnered student and faculty input into current facility deficits and future needs, and developed a program that allowed site plans, massing studies, floor plans, and a three-dimensional conceptual model to be developed.

Key areas of study included:
Development of a Building Program with spaces to support a comprehensive center for student and campus life
Assessment of current space and physical infrastructure.
Benchmarking of peer and aspirant institutions in order to meet future trends and maintain market competitiveness
Recommendations for expansion to the current facility and reconfiguring placement of multipurpose venue, meeting rooms, retail,lounge, student services, food vendors, student organization office and student affairs related offices
Identification of order of magnitude cost estimate required to create a facility that meets program requirements


Rhode Island College


Providence, Rhode Island


$35 million (estimated)