Henry Barnard School at Rhode Island College


Henry Barnard School at Rhode Island College

RGB was contracted by Rhode Island College to conduct and compile an assessment of the existing Henry Barnard School (HBS) facility that is located on the College’s campus. RGB documented existing facility conditions, reviewed educational specifications, and analyzed the potential for renovations or programmatic upgrades to the facility. Constructed in 1958, the Barnard School is a two-story structure approximately 80,000 SF in size. The school offers Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade.

The feasibility study reviewed the existing educational environment and instructional spaces relative to contemporary spaces and future programs. As a unique laboratory school under the umbrella of Rhode Island College, the educational program is not required to fully comply with Rhode Island Department of Education standards. However, the study’s basic premise was to compare and contrast against RIDE standards and 21st century best practices. The RGB team visited the existing building and site, identifying spaces and conducting interviews. The team assessed building systems, site, and security, as well as hazardous materials.

The study report depicts the items needed to bring the existing building up to current standards, including interior space alterations, AV/IT/security systems, and new exterior features to update the building exterior aesthetic, the building entrance, inclusive of a new secure vestibule, and also exterior amenities such as outdoor classrooms and pervious pavers. The team also delivered a conceptual phasing plan noting portions of the building that could be presented as discrete, localized projects, either during the summer break or with the building occupied. RGB provided a cost estimate related to a base concept that would result in a contemporary elementary school facility, depicting a total project expenditure of $17.1 million.


Henry Barnard School at Rhode Island College


Providence, Rhode Island


$17.1 million (estimated)