Greys Point Albion Crossing


Greys Point Albion Crossing

RGB was contracted by Grey’s Point Investments L.L.C. to provide a property condition assessment when the building was sold and the existing building owner became a tenant. The original tenant would continue to occupy 154,490 square feet of the building and the remaining 120,000 square feet would be renovated to Class A office space. A two-story addition of 7,550 square feet per floor was built in place of the existing loading dock to provide approximately 130,000 gross square feet of building area. RGB conducted an existing conditions feasibility report which included general physical conditions, code review, estimate of probable cost, and further action recommendations.

RGB then prepared renderings of the proposed addition and exterior alterations to transform the existing building with a new modern look, and energy efficient skin and windows. All of the mechanical and electrical systems were replaced in the affected area. Two new passenger elevators were installed, one at a new building entry on the east side and one in the northwest corner.

RGB continued through typical project phases of schematic design, design development, construction documents, specifications, and construction administration. RGB also aided the owner with contractor evaluation and bid comparison.

Civil Engineering
Site enhancements included a new driveway around the north side of the building, with an associated parking increase and a new parking area on the west side of the building. The majority of the parking area was constructed under the National Grid easement and was in strict accordance with National Grid guidelines. RGB documented existing parking space sizes and number of parking spaces.

The existing 545 vehicle parking lot had to be upgraded, and an additional 450 vehicle parking lot was designed. Stormwater management consisted of five (5) separate underground extended detention systems. Pretreatment was accomplished by utilizing six (6) Vortsentry Model VS30’s as pretreatment devices.


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