Green Development – Chapel View


Green Development – Chapel View

Green Development is a developer of wind and solar energy projects and required a larger space to accommodate their entire team of employees under one roof.  This brought them to the Chapel View Corporate office site in Cranston, RI.

The project consisted of the renovation of 23,000 square feet of commercial office space with an approximate 1.2 million budget.  The space was once the home of the Alex and Ani Corporate Office Headquarters.  Many of the existing office spaces, toilet rooms and conference areas remained in structure and shape however the entire space was renovated with new interior finishes ie: carpet, tile, wall base, paint, wallcoverings, lighting, furniture and furnishings, millwork and HVAC upgrades.

Collaborative tables and small informal meeting areas with stand-up height tables and a variety of lounge seating create a more communal and collaborative experience for the employees are scattered around the office.  Discussion and creativity can flow back and forth amongst the staff with ease in these new spaces.

The quiet room is available to all employees for nursing mothers or a place to take a personal call or just to have a quiet moment during the day.   A game room off the upper level breakroom promotes relaxation and a stress reducer.

All workstations and offices have height adjustable desks and plenty of storage. Having this available to all staff brings better health and wellness to the Green Development Team.


Green Development


Cranston, Rhode Island