Chapel of St. Gabriel


Chapel of St. Gabriel

The Town of Norwood needed to rehabilitate elements of this historic chapel. RGB facilitated the design and construction by ensuring proper design and construction methods fitting to the historic details.
RGB provided peer reviews of the construction documents and conducted existing conditions evaluations with the design team.
The intent of the peer review and site visit was to review/comment on the 95% Construction Drawings and Specifications and confirm the design team was addressing issues requested by the Owner and observed on site.
RGB provided the following services:
Reviewed Drawings
Reviewed Project Manual
Provided Recommendations as required
Generated and managed an overall Master Schedule for the project.
Generated an overall project budget and provided monthly budget updates to the Permanent Building Construction Committee (PBCC).
Attended PBCC meeting and comprehensive site visits.
Drafted a Request for Proposal (RFP) for construction.
Scheduled a pre-bid meeting, conducted the meeting, and provided support to the design team in responding to bidder questions when questions were directed to the Owner.
Reviewed submitted bid proposals and provided a recommendation regarding the successful bidder.
Provided input on the appropriate Owner/Contractor agreement
Site representation during construction
Historic Architect for periodic site visits during critical construction activities.
A field report recording pertinent information of construction activities was provided for each site visit.
Reviewed and monitored the construction schedule generated by the Contractor.
Reviewed and commented on monthly requisitions received during construction.
Provided flexibility in the level of site supervision; RGB scheduled a site representative on a weekly basis, depending on the level of need and construction activity.


Town of Norwood


Norwood, Massachusetts


$1 million