Every mode of transportation, location and managing agency is different. Whether large or small, our approach is to understand each client’s vision and challenges to design customized solutions that create strong, energetic mobility in communities.

Airport Connectors

We help aviation clients with travel and commercial needs in one of the most competitive sectors of the world economy. Clients have trusted RGB’s advise to shape projects at the earliest stages. Our multidisciplinary strengths enable us to design programs where physical design is precisely aligned to passenger behavior and changing market needs. By bringing these disciplines and insights together we enable clients to lower costs, improve operations and generate higher revenues.

Station Terminals

Station Terminals fulfill two primary functions: they provide access to the transit way and transit information to customers. As designers we fulfill these functions, by carefully planning and considering each station within the provided facilities, facility sizing, components and transit way materials used. We ensure that each station fits within its environment enhancing the neighborhood surrounding it with both function and aesthetics.

Terminal Connectors

Inter-modal connectors have become vital because they serve as interconnecting hubs and allow passengers to change transportation modes in their transit. We have helped clients improve station, ticketing and way-finding aspects of their transit buildings and collaborate with station operators to improve passenger flows.

Car Rental Terminals

Our architects and designers have helped both airport and car rental companies find fertile solutions in building or expanding consolidated rental car facilities, which are the primary profit centers for most airports.

Storage Buildings

The once white, single-story buildings in industrial areas are today’s self-storage facilities that are full of color, materials and architectural designs formerly only seen on high-end office buildings. Our projects feature greater curb appeal, incorporating new building materials and designs that easily blend into retail and residential areas and meet stricter municipal standards.

Maintenance Facilities

Requirements for the design of Maintenance Facilities will vary from a single facility, to a campus, to groups of campuses. As the number, variety, and complexity of these facilities increase, the task of planning and designing becomes a more complex one and a tight collaboration between the organization performing the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) is critical to ensure that mission performance is sustained. Our experience working with these groups and spaces have giving us the edge in delivering successful projects.