Sports & Recreation

We have been delivering successful facilities with a dedicated team and their expertise in collegiate, and sports venues creating memorable experiences for attendees and return on investment for owners and developers.

Collegiate Athletics

RGB creates memorable athletic facilities designed to meet short- and long-term needs. Through our firm-wide experience of campus planning, we offer a contextual sensitivity that builds on powerful aspects about a place in order to embed those details into the architectural strategy of an iconic athletic facility.

Recreation Centers

Recreation centers are the soul of social interaction for a community. We have partnered locally to deliver innovative transformations and continue to draw our communities together.

Training Facilities

We design training facilities that are flexible and technologically-advanced as safe learning environments, comfortable, sustainable, aesthetically-pleasing, and accessible. As the new trend suggests, we carefully design support spaces geared toward adult needs, which are seamlessly integrated into the facilities with suited aesthetic interiors for every demand.

Ice Arenas

Understanding the potential uses and activities of ice rinks requires a knowledge and appreciation of the associated amenities that are unique from standard buildings. The high humidity and cold temperatures of the rink’s indoor air can make it a challenge to provide a comfortable environment for spectators and skaters while minimizing the energy costs. We have the experience needed to plan these facilities that feature energy conservation designs without neglecting the needs of spectators, recreational and competitive users and actually increasing the profitability of the stakeholders and investors.