We understand the power of content and space to create experiences that maximize engagement between a brand and its customers. Our retail designers utilize strategies that are aligned with the constant changing demands of the industry, creating spaces that are continuously leading to long-term relationships with our clients.

Lifestyle Centers

Lifestyle centers are defined by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) as a “specialized center” that has “upscale national-chain specialty stores with dining and entertainment in an outdoor setting.” We have extensive experience designing these multi-purpose leisure-time destinations which include restaurants, entertainment, and design ambiance and amenities such as fountains and street furniture that are conducive to casual browsing.

Automotive Showrooms

-Our automotive design experts understand the importance of a successful customer experience and can help transform this type of buildings from a selling environment to a customer friendly buying experience. 

Financial & Banking

Many financial institutions are starting to take ‘the human factor’ into consideration when developing their products and services. We understand that using proven business management strategies to foster greater creativity and innovation is an important architectural thought for these buildings. It’s called ‘design thinking’.

Specialty Stores

By keeping up with emerging trends in visual merchandising, retail lighting, flooring, furniture and fixtures, our designers and planners work hand and hand with retailers to help our clients deliver stores that are engaging, relevant and approachable. With this in mind, our design of retail galleries present visuals and information in a straightforward, trend-oriented format, making it easy for the industry to stay up to date on styles and techniques to create high-impact environments.

Mixed-Use Retail

Our long tenure in designing Mixed-Use developments, whether Vertical, Horizontal or Walkable, has been characterized as pedestrian-friendly developments that blend a smart growth planning strategy that seeks to foster community design which serves the economy, community, public health, and the environment.


Over the years there have been numerous changes to pharmacy function, operation and delivery of care. Our architects and designers use Research Based Design methodologies to plan and deliver our clients safer and more patient centered environments based on real data and outcomes. We understand through this data, how medication errors can derive from poor lighting, ergonomics, fatigue, distractions and general lack of efficiency and continue to deliver improved design based solutions.