Manufacturing & Industrial

Whether the goal is to optimize space usage, modernize a facility to meet future production demands, or find the best approach to keeping pace with changing compliance requirements, RGB has been at the forefront of applying our technical expertise from up front evaluation and planning studies through design and into construction monitoring and operations.

Agricultural Automotive

Our Agricultural Facility Design team provides technical assistance and support to stakeholders regarding the construction of new structures or the remodeling of existing ones. These facilities include wholesale market, farmers markets, public markets and food hubs.

Our designers are involved in all phases of development, from the initial concept discussion with the customer through review of the costing phase and the construction process. In developing the design, our work follows building codes, zoning laws, fire regulations, and other local and state ordinances for Americans with Disabilities Act compliance.

Specialized Manufacturing

Light Industrial spaces are designed to accommodate a structured working environment with a heavy reliance on machinery and technology. Our well laid out circulation spaces are crucial to the safety and well-being of building occupants, and also increase productivity. We respond to the new design trends for light industrial buildings due to the increased demand for goods and consumer demand for faster production and delivery rates. Inventory space in light industrial facilities has grown vertical due to land availability and cost.


Standard features in our sustainable warehouse design are higher bays, sophisticated materials-handling equipment, broadband connectivity access, and Eco-friendly materials . We design a wide range of storage alternatives, picking alternatives, to meet the physical and operational requirements of the different warehouse buildings. We create spaces that are also flexible to accommodate future operations and storage needs as well as mission changes.

Distribution Centers

Each distribution center/warehouse design and layout that we produce is customized to your specific needs. We can help you optimize your current operation or create an efficient new warehouse/distribution center to achieve the desired service levels while reducing operating costs.