K-12 Education

Our team understands the challenges and opportunities of the modern school design process. Working within many constraints, we collaborate with schools and communities to design solutions that help achieve the highest goal levels and objectives. Our portfolio includes elementary, secondary and special education facilities that reflect education philosophies and techniques unique to the different cultures and communities.

 Alternative Learning Centers

As designers of this new Alternative Learning Centers we evaluate and explore the learning environments and their
relationship to curriculum and educational trends. We are proactive by focusing our efforts to small scale design of the individual space, in particular the organization of these spaces and their level of flexibility.


Education Planning & Strategies

Integrated planning is the connection of vision, priorities, people, and the physical institution in a flexible system of evaluation, decision-making and action.  The implementation of a strategic plan depends on the institution’s ability to turn strategic thoughts into operational actions. We understand the relationship between strategic planning, assessment, and accreditation, and have a balanced perspective of an institution’s many functional areas.







Elementary Schools

We give students the tools to explore, discover and succeed. Our architects and designers understand the cognitive and emotional needs of each age group.  We design to stimulate the imagination and creativity of childhood. By designing inspiring interiors and attention to detail we give elementary school students passion for learning.


Facilities Assessments

We provide information used for planning long-range capital improvement efforts and investment across the School Districts. These Facilities Assessments are used for planning to help the School Districts achieve scholastic visions.

RGB has completed RIDE Necessity for School Construction visioning and documentation for the following school districts:

  • South Kingstown School District
  • Westerly Public Schools
  • CHARIHO School District
  • Woonsocket Public Schools
  • Middletown Public Schools
  • Scituate School District
  • Johnston Public Schools
  • Kingston Hill Academy

Middle Schools

Students at this age often struggle with the rapid changes they are experiencing and we design schools that provide the appropriate supports and stimulation to meet these unique needs.

High Schools

Our High School designers recognize that our students will not only be doctors, police officers, and software engineers. They will also be the future citizens, leaders, and innovators of our society. We understand that the school of the future must consider not only what students know but also how they learn—and then accordingly adjust the role of the teacher, the use of technology, and the allocation of time and money to best serve those students through innovative building design.




Athletic Fields

Athletic fields are designed to meet standard dimensions established for the game for which they will be used. Local conditions and project specifics are considered when we are designing athletic fields.