Our experience designing complete hospitality environments — from boutique hotels to beachside resorts — is driven by business objectives and inspired by the trends and technology that drive the industry, as well as all other regulatory aspects that are critical for successful designs. Our integrated practice focusses on innovative design, environmentally responsive solutions, and enhanced value for our clients.


Our designers balance functional, layout, and aesthetic issues that simultaneously meet the needs of the guests, the staff, and the owner and create functional aspects carefully integrated to enhance, yet not dominate the public spaces. We consider and balance many conflicting needs before a design is ready for the contractor’s hand.


The design of a restaurant is a delicate balance between a welcoming ambiance and maximum seating capacity for our designers. Ambiance and profit are a constant consideration for the different types of restaurant designs and demands.
We know that a successful design is one that profits the client, serves its customers and functions for the staff that operates it.


Our casino architects and designers emphasize innovation in all aspects of new casino developments and established property renovations. Augmented reality, interactive art exhibits, sky-scraping LED video walls and displays that can split to show 30 different content streams are just some of the experiences that can be created with today’s latest technology. We work with leading technology integrators and content creators, for casinos of all sizes to develop one-of-a-kind experience that keeps guests entertained and coming back.


Our multidisciplinary team of resort designers and architects has helped many of our clients create resorts, where travelers feel at ease. We evaluate every client’s demands respecting their own identity and character, merging new ideas with local influences.


The staging and positioning of amusement equipment is critical in providing the proper flow of patrons that could substantially impact the performance of the attraction investments. We have the experience to develop the most effective layout plans, which include not only the games and attractions, but also include the positioning of administrative areas, control facilities, and food concessions. Specific emphasis is always placed on appearance and sustainable functionality as well as flexibility for the changing landscape of the gaming technology.


Designing for wellness rather than merely fitness or hospitality involves a careful consideration of social and nonsocial areas. We look at the organization of the client’s space, and explore how the patrons come together and what happens before and after a form of personal exercise. Combined with our current propensity toward mixed-use spaces and advanced technology, building boundaries will continue to blur—not only between hotel and gym, but across industries of all kinds.