Higher Education

Our team of trained professionals work with all types of institutions through each step of their capital planning journey — from initial planning studies to master planning for the future, to the reality of transformative new buildings on campus.

Academic Buildings

RGB has extensive experience with campus and educational facilities. A campus offers the promise of learning as a lifelong and shared process, understanding the interaction between scholars and students and their community; and it practices a dual role of the context within those elements.




Administration Buildings

RGB’s expertise in the planning and design of administration and student support spaces is founded upon our extensive knowledge of higher education and a passion for improving student and faculty experiences.




Athletic Facilities

Athletic fields, courts and rinks are designed to meet standard dimensions established for the game for which they will be used. Local conditions and project specifics are considered when we are designing athletic facilities.



Community Colleges

Local community colleges have teamed up with RGB to model innovative campus approaches. When it comes time for necessary academic updates, these institutions understand how they can increase the value of their investment by infusing student life and community spaces into the effort that help students learn, study, and grow while on campus.



Libraries & Recreation Centers

There has been a great change on the function and design of libraries and recreation centers due to technology advancements. Now these spaces have become flexible and take into account these types of integrated technologies.




Residence Halls

University students are looking for more in a residence hall than just a place to sleep. They want a space that reflects their style of living and learning.



Dining Halls

We strive to maximize sight lines with interior design features that offer visibility to elevate the dining space to a social center. We design these dinning halls as a hub for studying, camaraderie and connectivity.