Federal, State & Municipal

Our teams offer experienced support for the Department of Interior, Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, Veteran’s Affairs and several other agencies tasked with serving citizens by understanding their regulations and budget limitations.

Federal Facilities

RGB’s deep understanding of the Federal Facilities Council (FFC)’s advanced technologies, processes, and management practices has helped us improve the performance of federal facilities over their entire life-cycle, from planning to disposal.

Correctional & Public Safety Facilities

RGB understands the intricacies of Public Safety Facilities and the evidence processing, holding cell regulations, ergonomics and stress reduction for emergency dispatchers and the safety of officers during prisoner transfer,” which ultimately translates into better facility designs. The design of correctional facilities has evolved and become highly specialized, concentrating on new and advanced methods to the treatment of individuals with medical, mental, behavioral and geriatric health care needs. By designing both health and justice facilities, we focus on merging and humanizing these environments to define a Constitutional level of care. We offer design services for all types of correctional facilities, including facilities for youth, women, mental and behavioral health and special needs inmates.




Public Works Facilities

We have some of the best professionals pushing boundaries to take projects from upfront stakeholder involvement and conceptual planning to final design, then through construction and into operation. Our design approach focuses on operational and safety excellence, integration into the surrounding environment and incorporation of energy conservation and cost control measures while also meeting or exceeding environmental requirements.




Public Housing

As populations grow, public housing has become an increasingly important issue for all forms of government. Our aim is to provide low-cost housing design aligned with the dignity of well-designed and distinctive living. Our public housing projects frequently incorporate eco-conscious elements, as efficient energy usage tends to be a priority.

Visitor Centers

Visitor centers are often recommended as the desired informational approach before proper consideration is given to other interpretive options. Our designers understand the approach on a new visitor center, nature center, or museum and how to assure that each visitor’s experience is memorable and meaningful. Inherent in that process, is incorporating the most logical visitor sequence.



Civic & Community

Through thoughtful planning and design, we create spaces that bring people together and enrich the place they call home. Whether that means revitalizing an abandoned theater to connect growing communities, rebuilding a net zero school— or anything in between — we can help. By blending resilient, reliable solutions with transformative design, we partner with communities of all kinds to develop places and spaces that not only support but define their future.