We create inspired places that support civic pride. Whether a community library, fire station or a performing arts center, we strive for shared ideas to guide our design.

Performing Arts Centers

Performance spaces require highly specialized engineering and technology. With professional backgrounds in technical directing, stage managing, sound, and theatrical lighting design, our performance systems designers understand the stage and back-of-house support technology necessary to meet expectations of today’s sophisticated audiences and theater operators.





Auditorium spaces are designed to accommodate large audiences. With wide spans and multiple-stories high to accommodate seating, sight-lines, and acoustical requirements are critical for a successful design.


There has been a great change on the function and design of libraries due to computer access, and other technology advancements. As a result, library spaces have become flexible spaces that take into account these types of integrated technologies as well as having to properly store, handle, and circulate printed and other media types securely.





The design of places of worship requires the understanding of their location. Our designers understand the importance of private devotion, prayer, or meditation, small services, and counseling services. Designing knowledge is applied to all the different buildings, whether found within a larger institution such as a hospital, airport, prison, or as a stand-alone building.