Elevating the Building Experience

  • We design buildings and transform spaces to enable our clients to express their unique brands.
  • We approach problem-solving to support the project’s success.
  • We employ a data-driven approach to inform user needs.
  • We leverage a deep understanding of the built environment to empower users with sustainable, innovative and flexible design solutions.
  • Each project is an opportunity for enriching the Building Experience and contributing to a sustainable society.

Corporate Headquarters

The largest population is entering the workforce, creating an innovative transformation in how and where we work. Our focus is the creation of places that foster contemporary ideas of connection, collaboration and creativity. Our architects, designers and workplace strategists partner with both employers and developers to deliver buildings and spaces that guide these objectives.




Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are differentiating themselves from one another in character, tone, and complete customer experience. Our knowledge and  understanding of these trends reinforce a company’s unique brand’s positioning and customer experience through architectural expressions. RGB has worked with many Financial Institutions not limited to the following list.

  • Washington Trust
  • Bay Coast Bank
  • Citizens Bank
  • Centerville Bank
  • People’s United
  • TD Bank
  • Sovereign Bank
  • Bank of America

Multi-Family Residential

We are inspired to design Multi-family communities by the driving trends of a technological society and their needs. Human lifestyle changes transforming the design process. Understanding the expectations that the different generations have is essential in designing modern living.




Mixed-Use Developments

We shape communities by imagining and crafting social destinations that integrate retail, entertainment, office and community infrastructure. From a design standpoint, it’s more about creating a human experience than designing a building or a space. Our experiential, mixed-use environments bring people together, infusing a purposeful mix of art, commerce, sustainability and urban energy, to fulfill people’s “live, work and play” desires and ultimately enhance communities.





Buildings are spaces for human pursuit, and the workplace is an integral part of our daily lives. We’re enhancing cityscapes and lifestyles supporting work wherever it happens. We design buildings that influence divergent interests creating highly efficient and collaborative workspaces for ultimate economic performance.




Commercial Buildings

Our designers understand population demographics, personal values, preferences and attitudes. We use this knowledge to design inspirational places at the forefront of the future that address physical, economic and environmental factors, while promoting happiness, culture and well-being.