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Providence Housing Authority Hartford Park

Providence, Rhode Island

The comprehensive modernization of the Hartford Park development consisted of building and site improvements (including asbestos removal) as well as the demolition of three high-rise buildings.

Completed with a multi-phased approach, this ten-year $30 million project included a redesigned roof and upgrades to meet building code compliance. RGB provided finishes, appliances, and plumbing fixtures for the 500 unit development.

Since this major renovation project, RGB has continued to design upgrades at the complex, including retaining wall, railings, facade repairs, ADA work, and more.

Civil Engineering

This $525,000 project consisted of the design of four (4) new parking areas for 150 vehicles, lighting, a new tot lot, landscaping and dumpster location/orientation improvements for their Barry Road housing facility.

The Narragansett Bay Commission would not permit any additional storm water to be discharged into their system. The LID techniques selected were based on soil evaluations, seasonal high groundwater and land availability. Four (4) underground infiltration systems with water quality inlets serving as pretreatment were utilized at each of the parking lots.

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