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National Grid Fleet Maintenance Facility

Sutton, MA

The 25,000 square foot Fleet Maintenance Facility is divided into several critical areas. The fleet maintenance area itself at the East end of the site and consists of four drive-through truck maintenance bays, a truck storage bay, and a wash bay. A gantry crane, machine shop, and storage areas for parts and lubrication provides National Grid mechanics with all the resources they need to take care of the company's fleet of service vehicles. A truck canopy and open-air depot located at the West end of the site allows for the storage of up to four full-size tractor-trailers. This area includes loading docks, battery storage, and a tool crib. Between and interconnected with these two structures is the Operational Support Building. This facility houses offices, a conference area, touchdown space, locker and shower rooms, and a training/lunch room with a galley kitchen as well as facility support spaces such as electrical, sprinkler, and IT/data rooms. In addition to these building structures, the site includes a transformer storage pad/containment area. This provides storage for approximately 16 mobile transformers as well as an additional 30 pad-mounted transformers. The containment area includes an integrated leak detection system in addition to a transformer grounding system.

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