Owner's Representative Services

Representing Owners, we bring the perspective of a designer to the processes of administration and advisement. RGB has had teams supporting owners in similar capacities since the 1970s. At that time, they were referred to as field representatives or extended construction administration services. The current crop of Owner's Project Managers or Owner's Representatives (OR) are architects and field representatives that have completed significant projects ranging from historic restorations and renovations to major new designs. Through this work we have refined our processes and been successful in managing projects to measurable goals such as budget and schedule. RGB has successfully served numerous lending institutions as OR on hundreds of projects, ensuring that projects are properly managed and schedules maintained.

Clients have included:

  • Citizens Bank
  • Sovereign Bank
  • Bank of America
  • Archstone Smith Trust
  • The Washington Trust Co.
  • TD Banknorth
  • Peoples United Bank

RGB provided construction contract document review, construction phase site visits, compliance with contract documents, and review of requests for payment. Our representatives met with owners to report on progress and address needs and concerns. This experience holding projects accountable to bank guidelines is reference to our quality of service and ability to hold your project to budget, schedule, and other requirements.

As OR we focus on your goals and objectives, and provide advisement and reporting on progress towards these goals. We coordinate your team, answer your questions, and facilitate communications throughout the project. We guide your project toward completion and ensure that the right things are done at the right time, in the right order, and by the right people. Studies show that up to 80% of a project's success rate is dependent upon the decisions made during the planning phase. By defining your project scope, determining quality and risk expectations, help develop construction cost budgets, and developing a feasible preliminary schedule, we will determine the project objectives or goals for your project that will be monitored throughout the project.

Owner's Representative Staff

Image of John Racine

John Racine, AIA, LEED AP - Owner's Representative

John joined RGB in 2007. He has served as an owner's project manager to the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe in RGB's Taunton office. His background as a in architectural design and construction administration are skills he brings to owners.

Image of David Greene

David Greene - Owner's Representative

David officially joined RGB in 2014 after working with RGB staff closely as Clerk of the Works. Since then, David has been an instrumental member of the Owner's Project Manager team, particularly in the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe First Light Resort Casino. David brings significant experience as a contractor and construction project manager gained over more than 30 years in the construction industry in which he has progressively overseen larger and more complex projects.

Michael Maxim - Owner's Representative

Michael has supported our OPM team on the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe First Light Resort Casino project since 2015. As construction proceeds he will be a critical on-site representative.

Client Case: Owner's Representative for Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe

Government Center

RGB demonstrates success in the development and implementation of pre-construction and construction budgets and schedules. As planners, architects, and project managers serving client needs, in all of our projects, we are held accountable to budget and schedule. RGB was brought on as owner's representative for the Mashpee Government Center. The initial construction estimate was marked at $9 million, but the RGB team worked to establish an actual construction budget of over $13 million. Following reviews and collaboration with the design team, the bid results came in $500,000 below this updated budget, with a grouping of three bidders less than one percent apart.

First Light Resort Casino

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe's Project First Light project is anticipated to top $1 billion in investment. Genting, a global developer of gaming and entertainment venues is partnered with the Tribe in this endeavor. The project is to consist of a gaming casino and destination resort in southeastern Massachusetts. The project will be phased to bring an operational gaming destination to market in 2017. Construction phases to follow will bring hotels, additional structured parking, and a water park. A construction management joint venture team of Dimeo/Penta/Talako was selected to carry out the construction effort. The expansive development represents a tremendous opportunity for the Tribe and the surrounding areas of Taunton.

RGB took on the role of owner's representative in mid-2014. Our team was entrusted with this role in part because we had previously worked with the Tribe on the Tribal Government Center. Our team, inclusive of Principals Dave DeQuattro and Jeff Hatcher, dedicated Owner's Representatives John Racine and Dave Greene, and additional consultants, has sought to work with the Tribe and design team to keep the project on track within an aggressive delivery schedule.

Owner's Representative Perspective

Potential Shortfalls in Representation:

  • Not responsive to ongoing Owner needs.
  • Lacking the resources and team members necessary to meet goals.
  • Too many other obligations or otherwise unable to commit necessary time and attention.

Startup Task 1

Meet with all project stakeholders to determine immediate concerns, confirm expectations, and set goals. We will note your updated objectives and their achievability given the current project state. We will also confirm scope specifics so as to avoid duplication of efforts between the design team and any participating developer staff.

Startup Task 2

Review current program, design, documents, permits, schedule, and budget status. Startup is particularly important to meet your timeline for completion, as we pick up on any work in progress. We look to obtain any available documents and communications to ascertain the current state of the project and initiate contacts and tasks that may need to be expedited.

These two startup tasks quickly ascertain the team's understanding of cost, risk, and schedule; this is crucial because it is most often mistaken assumptions of these issues that result in problems later in design and construction. The balancing of all the goals is typically a value decision, and therefore ultimately a question of financial resources. Our main focus is you as the owner, and your core business that the project addresses. As OR, RGB will communicate this perspective to the design and construction teams and encourage them to accept that value decisions rest squarely with the Owner.

Communications Management

As OR, it is important that we are positioned to communicate clearly on all project issues and track all project information. Effective communication from the Owner's perspective needs to focus clearly on project goals and any issues that threaten those goals. To that end, communications should address the following:

  • Project Objectives
  • Fiscal Controls
  • Schedule Compliance
  • Quality Controls
  • Other Internal Project Participants
  • Other External Project Participants
  • Document Management

Cost Control

The RGB team helps you to manage costs by estimating budgets up front and communicating progress against anticipated spend. Below is an approach that may be taken. Initially, RGB will review the current cost budget estimate to determine order of magnitude. This will be used to confirm the design team's estimate and help navigate the development of the design. In addition, this information can be used to provide general information during the solicitation of construction managers.

Scheduling Processes

The principles behind the RGB team scheduling processes are as follows:

  • To provide management systems necessary for efficient planning and construction.
  • To maintain an open conduit for information exchange between all project parties.
  • To provide information necessary to coordinate the efforts of all project parties through effective communication of project goals and targets.
  • To consistently provide current information regarding the contract time and financial status to facilitate decision making (change orders, etc).
  • To identify potential scheduling issues or bottlenecks before they occur, enabling preventative measures.
  • To establish specific responsibility for project tasks and to monitor the completion of those tasks relative to overall project completion.


RGB has prepared RFPs and supporting materials for project service providers and vendors, evaluated bids, and assisted in awarding contracts, including Guaranteed Maximum Price construction contracts. RFP bid support is a typical feature of project administration and owner's representation. RGB has dealt with all major project delivery methods including traditional bid, construction management, and design build. While the bidding process for each method may vary, there are some underlying fundamentals.


During the construction phase, your project becomes a reality, however careful attention must be paid to progress. As your OR, we establish procedures for expediting and monitoring all construction phase information through the following:

  • On-Site Monitoring
  • Contractor Payment
  • Change Orders and Schedule Review
  • Construction Closeout
  • Record Documents
  • Final Inspection and Report